Never in my wildest dreams did I truly believe that I would find my birth mother after almost 50 years. I submitted my sample to two databases in hopes of merely finding some distant biological family. It was quite unexpected that through DNA, I connected with the daughter of my biological half-sister and through DNA, I found not only my mother, but two half-sisters and a half-brother. The sudden turn of events proved to me that at any moment, lives can be changed forever through DNA. If neither my niece or I had submitted a DNA sample, our family reunion might never have happened. I now tell everyone I know “Get tested. Someone may be looking for you and not even know it yet. “
This is a science that has the power to heal wounds and mend hearts. The power of this new tool is almost miraculous. For those of us who have never known biological family before, it is life changing.
I now have a new and expanded family. The love we share is so special. I wish this same feeling for all who search for answers about their ancestry, their origins, and their past. I now have a feeling of contentment and comfort knowing that my family and I are reunited. 325kamra seeks to do just that. Reuniting family through DNA.

Cynthia Burns
Woodbridge, CT

"I was adopted as an infant in Seoul, South Korea. I did not know I was adopted until I was 14. My mother who adopted me was a Korean National and my father who adopted me was American. My story stayed like this until 2015 when I met the founders of 325Kamra. I learned from them that I might find through DNA testing more about the mystery of my biological roots. Guess what? They were right! I did. In 2016 I met my paternal 4 biological 1/2 siblings. It has been the most important step of faith I have ever taken...I've found the step of trusting family ties are worth learning about. Thank you 325Kamra for helping me to connect with these wonderful people and the history that is now a part of my mine through DNA."

Peggy Rose Webster
University Place, Washington
Siblings live in Seymour, Missouri
"I stumbled upon 325Kamra's website where they promoted free DNA kits to adoptees. I had never thought about the possibility of finding biological relatives through DNA and thought the chance would be a drop in the ocean. But I did it anyway. Two months after taking the test, I was told that the chances of identifying my biological father were great because of DNA matches with two second cousins. About three months into the process, 52 years afters my arrival to Norway, my biological father was confirmed though a DNA test taken by a half brother who lived halfway around the world from me. I never thought this imaginable."

Vår Benum
Tromsø, Norway
In 1998 I started my search for relatives. I didn’t have high hopes because I was found in a park in Incheon with no information at all. After eight years of searching, I didn't find any results. I didn't know what to do anymore, so my last attempt was to contact KSS again. I told them about a vague memory/dream I had when I was young. The shock was immense when I
received a reply from KSS….my memory/dream about a younger sister was probably true as I was found with another girl in the park. KSS emailed me the name of the girl and also informed me that the girl was sent to The Netherlands for adoption. I saw my arrival list and there she was….she had arrived on the same airplane as I did. Two days later we met each other.
Last year we got two FTDNA kits. And the results confirmed our suspicions…that we were indeed sisters. Maybe in the future we might find more biological family!

Nathalie Vooijs
The Netherlands

“I have no family information in my adoption files….no luck in finding anything. I have been searching and asking people for advice and help but nothing yet. I gave up, and I thought there was no hope left for me. Then I read about 325Kamra and the amazing work they do. I thought that it could not be "so easy,” especially when everything I had tried before was so difficult. But why not give it a chance? I was skeptical and did not want to have any high hopes. But I sent my DNA kit back. In a month I got my results. 16 matches in day one! It changed my life in so many ways. Thank you 325Kamra for giving so many people around the world a possibility to try one last time...and a chance to be amazed.”

Cathrine Toft
Bergen, Norway

"A few months ago, I decided to do a DNA test. While I hoped to find information on my Korean birth mother, we instead uncovered results that lead to my probable biological father. I tried to reach out to my first cousin but didn’t get any results from her for a month, so I decided to send a packet directly to my father, with a bio and pictures. It was getting close to Christmas, and I didn’t want to drop that on him during the holidays, so I sent the packet the week after New Years. It was signed for on Saturday, and I found out that he died from cancer 5 days later. I was able to fly from Washington to Massachusetts in time for his funeral and say goodbye to him. Although I DNA tested too late to meet my father alive, I was still able to find out much about his life. If any of you have any thoughts of DNA testing, I beg of you to do it now. I am a true example of wishing I had done it, even a little bit earlier. I hope I can find something on my mother in time."

​Tim Thornton
Olympia, Washington
'For over 50 years I've wondered who my birth parents were, and now with advances in DNA testing and the search assistance from 325KAMRA. I have found my biological father's family. My initial DNA testing was with a 23andMe DNA kit, gifted through the Thomas Park Clement DNA Kit Project. I was advised to test using an AncestryDNA kit and with their database a DNA second cousin match was found. So an ancestry tree was built using my DNA matches. The 325Kamra Search Volunteers assisted in my search and an unbelievable event occurred: in less than 24 hours they identified my biological father's family! I would encourage everyone to DNA test to help your chances to identify your biological family, and in turn, you will be helping others in their search because this will increase everyone's chances."

​Vance Allen
Alexandria, Virginia