How To Take The FTDNA Test and Register it Online

Please save your DNA kit number in a safe place!!!

*This is a cheek swab test.
It is best to do in the morning before you drink, eat or brush your teeth.
Make sure you swab your cheek sides.
Note: If you wear any dental retainers, etc., remove those before you swab and try not to touch any metal that you may have in your mouth…

How to register online:
You will need both the kit number and password to sign into FTDNA to create your own account.
1. Sign release form
2. Put release form back into the kit
3. Make note of your kit number and temporary password (baseball10)
4. Log into with your kit number and temporary password (mentioned above)
5. Create new password, erase the 325kamra email address, replace with your own address to personalize your account

Processing kits can take SEVERAL WEEKS so please be patient.

When your FDNA has processed, you can download your raw DNA data from familytreeDNA and upload it to GEDmatch .This is a free third party site which allows you to connect with other DNA kit users who have uploaded to GEDmatch. This is OPTIONAL and VOLUNTARY. If you want to do this, just go to  and follow the instructions there for registering a kit. Every person owns their own DNA kit, data and DNA accounts. 325Kamra merely distributes DNA kits. FTDNA processes them.

We also suggest if you are on Facebook to join this Facebook group:

DNA tested Korean Adoptees and Korean Veterans and their Children

We hope to get as many KADS worldwide into the DNA database and to eventually get more DNA from Koreans in Korea. This may take time but please know that this is not an overnight thing. We think FTDNA escalates their relationship distance prediction, particularly when they indicate that someone could be a 2nd-4th cousin. It is better to go by the number of shared CMs. 325Kamra uses the Facebook group's DNA Detectives table to determine relationship distance.

For those of you with privacy concerns, you can create an anonymous email address which you use only for your DNA accounts. Even though your name (whatever name you use to register your kit) will appear within the FTDNA database and within the GEDmatch database, having a separate email for DNA accounts may help.

If you have more concerns about privacy, we recommend reading the below.

A good blog to read if you have concerns with using DNA for genetic genealogy:

If it is medical information that you seek, you can upload your raw DNA data to the Promethease Website and it will give you a health report
( ). The promethease report costs $5 USD.