We are a small non-profit group comprised mainly of mixed-race Korean adoptees. 
Our goal is to network with those who have an interest in DNA testing so that we may 1) learn more about our Korean biological heritage and, 2) help those families with positive DNA matches to potentially reunite.
Our mission is to collect DNA from Korean women and/or biological relatives who relinquished or lost children to international adoption and  to provide DNA kits to any Korean adoptees living outside the United States.  
Katherine Kim Bradtke - CFO/Secretary
Bella L. Siegel-Dalton - Data Director
Tammy Wooldridge - Web Site Administrator

Tia Legoski - Communications Director

Jayme Hansen - Director of European Operations

Kourtni Rader - Board Member
Dr. Estelle Cooke-Sampson - Board Member
David Ryu - Board Member

Katherine Kim Bradtke
CFO & Secretary
​Board Member

Bella L. Siegel-Dalton
Data Director
​Board Member

Born in 1957, Katherine (nee Catty Krohn Kim), was sent for adoption to the US at age three and a half. Originally adopted to Southern California, she moved frequently with her family, spending most of her secondary school years in the Midwest. Katherine received her undergraduate degree in Florida and her master's degree from UCLA. She spent her working career primarily in the teaching and editing fields. In the early 1990s Katherine lived in Japan, and later moved to Germany, where her son was born, and then onto Bangkok, Thailand.  Today, Katherine lives as a single mother in a Boston suburb. Her son attends university in California and her daughter is completing her senior year in high school. She is passionate about taiko (Japanese ensemble drumming), and has performed with a local community taiko group for about six years. In the summers Katherine enjoys gardening and hiking. She also loves international travel.  Katherine has been active in the Korean Adoptee (KAD) community since 2011 attending her first adoptee conference in Seoul in 2013 and has been especially interested in adoptee and biracial identity issues. Through DNA testing, Katherine found the family of her American GI father. Though he is deceased, she has made contact with cousins, and her two half brothers. Her search for her mother’s family still continues.

Born in late 1961 as Ji Soon Lee in Donducheon Korea to a Korean Native (Chueng Hee Lee) and American GI (Irvin Rogers). She was named Bella when she was adopted in 1966 to a family in California. Bella is active in the Korean Adoptee Community, specializing in birth family searches and speaking on and advocating DNA Testing for Amerasians searching for their birth families. A proud Veteran of the United States Coast Guard, she has also managed hotels across the country and has been a Fleet Planner for Chipman Relocations an Agent for United Vanlines for the past 15 years. She and her husband of 32 years have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren. After a 3 year DNA search, she successfully found her birth father who unfortunately passed away in 2010. She has 6 1/2 siblings and was told that her father knew about her and tried to find her, unsuccessfully. He reminded his family prior to his passing, that if she came home, they were to welcome her, which they did. The search for her mother continues.

Tammy Wooldridge
Web Site Administrator 
​Board Member

Tia Legoski
Communications Director
Board Member

Born in 1970, Tammy was adopted in 1972 by a Korean and American GI. She was 5 when her adoptive father received orders to return to the US.  He retired from the Army soon after, moving the family to Indiana.  Growing up in Midwest she was fortunate to have been surrounded by Korean culture while attending Korean church with her mother.  She enjoyed training in Taekwondo earning her black belt at 15.  Tammy is a licensed Cosmetologist, Aesthetician and an Educator in both fields.  Her last position was Education Administrator at Excel Academies of Cosmetology in Indianapolis until the campus closed in 2011. She was high school sweethearts with her husband of 26 years.  Mother of 3 (ages 18, 23,25) and Nana to a 4-year-old grandson .  She enjoys gardening, crafting, reading and spending time with friends and family.  With the help of DNA testing, she has found her paternal Portuguese family.  She feels extremely blessed to have a Sister, Brother, Aunts, Uncles and a Grandfather in his 90's.  Sadly, her Father and Grandmother passed away a few years prior.   Tammy is still actively searching for her mother's family.   
Born in the city of Bu-pyung in the early 1960s, Tia grew up in South Korea. In 1977 Tia met a group of Hapas for the very first time. They were made up of of biracial young people who all spoke Korean. She felt an incredible fellowship with this community, and they embraced her as their sister and she embraced them. In 1978, Tia came to the US and lived in Florida till 1991. During that time she had to learn English. She also became a mother during those years. When Tia move to California in 1991, she reconnected with a few of her Amerasian friends.They started holding meetings in different states each year, and Tia had the honor of hosting a reunion in California a few years ago. During that reunion, Tia met many HAPAs who didn't speak Korean. These were Hapas who are searching for their roots. Tia feels strongly about reuniting families and bridging gaps in cultural differences. Today Tia is in her mid 50s and wants to focus on Hapas…..to help them reconnect with their cultural and biological origins.Through 325 Kamra, Tia provides language and culture translation to help reunite families.

Jayme Hansen
​Director of European Operations
Board Member

Kourtni Rader
Board Member

Kourtni was born in Inchon, South Korea and adopted at the age of three. She grew up in Michigan and is one of 11 adopted children. Kourtni attended Interlochen Arts Academy and studied music as a performance major at Central Michigan University. Although her background is in music her passion to serve and empower women brought her to work for the Women's Resource Center in Traverse City, Michigan as the Community Events and Volunteer Coordinator. Her journey continued as the National Event Director for the National Subaru Women's Winter Tour, Development Director for THIRDlevel Crisis and Intervention Center, and VIP Manager for the Traverse City Film Festival founded by Michael Moore. 
Kourtni and her husband moved to the Pacific Northwest to take advantage of big mountain snowboarding. In 2009, her adoption journey brought her to work for Holt International Children's Services as the Adult Adoptee Director. Through her travels to Korea, Kourtni fell in love with Korean fashion and founded Seoul Sisters, a boutique travel service and Korean fashion boutique. As an avid volunteer, Kourtni is the President of the Board for Active Women Now, Inc., Emeritus Board Member of Adult Adoptee Koreans of Portland (AKAP), and Vice President for Bridge of Hope, a sponsorship program for Hope Home, a children's home in Korea.  She is also a presenter and volunteer for Korean Heritage Camp and the Adult Adoptee Retreat in Colorado.

Major Jayme Hansen entered the army as a private and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant during his enlistment, deploying in support of Operation Desert Storm and in a Medical Readiness/Humanitarian tour to Panama. Major Hansen has held many posts during his military career. In 2013 he accepted a diplomatic post and worked as the Comptroller, CIO, and CHRO and sat on numerous boards for the US Embassy at his assignment in Kenya, Africa. Currently, he serves as the Comptroller, CHRO and DPMO at USAMMCE near Frankfurt, Germany. Major Hansen is a graduate of Syracuse University’s MBA and MPA Programs through the Army's LTHET Program and has successfully completed internships at the Pierce County United Way Project LEAD Program, Army Comptroller Program, and the Maxwell’s Nation Security Studies Program. He has also attended the Austral Group’s International MBA Study Program in Chile, SA. In his spare time, Major Hansen enjoys traveling with his family and volunteering for numerous community outreach programs: D.A.R.E. youth anti-drugs awareness program; Habitat for Humanity; instructing numerous personal finance classes for the military; and assisting at the Live with Hope Centre which helps HIV orphans. Major Hansen was an adoptee sent to the US from Korea at the age of 4.5, and he remains passionate about adoption and orphan issues.

David Ryu
(Ryu Taeksang)
Board Member

Dr. Estelle Cooke-Sampson
​Board Member

David is the CEO of ubiTEMS Co. LTD, and a deacon pastor of Jesus Loves Church in Seoul, Korea. Previously he had worked at Hyundai for 20 years. He and the church have been active in providing sponsorship for adoptee homeland tours, and he has served as a host family to visiting adoptees. He's interested in adoptee issues and wants to help adoptees find their biological roots.
Estelle was born in the Busan area of South Korea, around September 1951. She eventually ended up at St. Paul's orphanage in Seoul at about the age of 5. She was adopted by Sgt. Cooke, an African-American soldier and moved to the US, where Washington D.C. eventually became her home. Estelle attended Georgetown Medical School graduating in 1978 and served in the USPHS. Today she is in private practice in radiology and serves on faculty at the Howard University Hospital. Estelle has two adult daughters and is a retired General from the DC National Guard.
Emeritus Board Members

Sarah Savidakis

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