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There's a sense of incompleteness...
one choice could transform many.

Hello, and welcome to 325kamra.org. The primary goal of our organization is to DNA test Korean family who relinquished or lost children to international adoption. Our aim is to provide Korean Adoptees with their biological stories and family medical histories. We also hope to reunite Korean adoptees with biological family members when possible.
As founders of this organization, we are a small group of mixed-race Korean Adoptees born after the Korean War (June 1950 to July 1953). The physical and financial devastation of this war remained prevalent well into the 1970s.
The history of international adoption out of Korea started with us, the mixed-race children (or what were called the GI or UN babies). We came into being because alongside many US military bases were camp towns where many young Korean women went looking for work. The jobs they found earned them barely enough to get by. The relationships these women had with the GIs produced thousands of mixed-race babies. Our fathers, once their tour of duty ended, usually returned home or to other duty stations. Our mothers were left behind as single mothers caring for babies that looked different. In most cases, the discrimination and the inability to financially care for their child forced our mothers to a grave decision; a decision to relinquish their babies for adoption in hopes that their babies' lives would be better elsewhere.
"If you are not adopted, you cannot imagine how it feels. All my life I will be thankful for my adoptive parents, but there is always a sense of aloneness. There is always the question of why did my mother give me away and why did my father abandon me. I will always wonder where I got my artsy traits...Is there anyone out there who looks like me? These feelings are always right under the surface of your life. They shape who you are and how you feel."
                                               ~Noel Cross